Grilled Seafood Possibilities and the Secret to Superb Results

In the interest of providing a change of pace for the family and guests, a barbecue chef might decide to start grilling fish, calamari kabobs and other seafood instead of the usual fare. They might want to expand the culinary repertoire and also offer some food that's healthier than hot dogs and hamburgers. A surf and turf menu might be appealing, with lean steak alongside some shrimp or grilled crab. The ideal place to cook these foods is on equipment from suppliers like Paradise Grills.

Shrimp Kabobs

Nearly everyone loves shrimp, so making that the focal point of the meal satisfies the group. Anyone who isn't that thrilled about this particular food may like eating some grilled salmon or another kind of fish instead. Shrimp can be added to calamari kabobs along with chunks of vegetables that grill well. Zucchini, tomatoes and onions are examples.

After serving, the person can slide all the items onto the plate and mix them together. The chef might provide a few sauces that were heated in the outdoor kitchen. Lemon sauces, for instance, go particularly well with seafood. A garlic and butter scampi sauce also can be provided.

Fish That Are Great for Grilling

Not only salmon but tuna steak, sea bass, perch filets, bluegills, trout and catfish are all superb when cooked on the grill. Many people have never tried these foods cooked on a barbecue and are impressed with how delicious the flavor is. Chefs should buy the freshest possible fish for the best results in this venture.

A Main Secret for Success

A main secret in successful grilling of seafood is to make the cooking time short. Shrimp become rubbery when cooked too long and fish can take on a variety of unpleasant characteristics in this situation. It may become pasty or very dry, textures that ruin good fish.

By cooking up plenty of these foods, the chef can be sure that everyone in the group feels satiated after dinner. Nobody will miss the burgers at all, and in fact, they'll look forward to the next seafood meal cooked on equipment from a supplier like Paradise Grills.